Quarantine Day 6: Did you need this break?

It’s only been five days since I announced the temporary closure of LashMi in response to COVID-19, but already regular life feels so far away.

One of my last sets before COVID-19 hit the fan :(

I’m using this precious extra time to do a lot of reflection. I’m realizing how much of my daily life I took for granted. This to me, however, is a good sign because I regrettably remember a time when I would’ve missed daily life much less.

Before I started doing lash extensions, I worked a full-time office job at a software company. Most would consider it a great job, but I often found myself gazing up toward the fluorescent lights of my office praying for the world to pause so that I may catch a breath. Everyday I’m grateful that I mustered up enough courage to tear down that life so that I may start the one I have now.

I think about how many people still feel as I felt then. How trapped they must be in routine that all normality must crumble for them to feel free.

Though it’s an unfortunate time, let’s make the best of what we have. If you’re staying home with extra time in your day, take the rest you so desperately need. Take the time you couldn’t afford before. Tend to your health. Mend your relationships.

For the ones who needed a change but didn’t yet have the courage to act, just as nature interrupts the course of our society, you might also take this opportunity to influence the course of the rest of your life. Use this leisure to explore the things that bring you joy. Hopefully that joy can help you discover a life you wouldn’t want to escape and would look forward to resuming when this chaos is over.

Maybe if we all did that, when it’s time, we can all return to a better world full of people less in need of a break and more ready to reach their full potential.